Ferry[ing] around

Want ti take in the best views of Sydney? Take a ferry!

The very best way to survey Sydney  would have to be by ferry. Despite it being also the most expensive way to travel it is a great way to take in the view of the harbours and Sydney Opera House.

You can’t catch a view of the Opera House like this on land

Now if you’re a bit hesitant to ride because of sea sickness let me tell you I fully empathise with your dilemma, as I get sick as well. But the ferry stays within the harbour, therefore the ocean madness at sea won’t plague you. There’s also medications you can take to prevent sea sickness if you’re really affected by it.

How do I ferry?

To start with, most of the ferries here rely on the NSW transit system, and therefore you will need an opal card to use them. The ones that do not use opal are the fast ferries, and those require a  separate ticket purchase.