Pack your bags!

Hello and welcome to  our overstuffed suitcase! We’ve had so many heavy baggage fees that we decided to write stories about them and tell you about the awesome things you can do while travelling.

Bahja will be living in Sydney, Australia for the next year and half and she wanted to share her adventures as well as provide a more casual and chatty guide to living Down Under. She typically writes her posts in the form of an interview, where she ‘interviews’ herself and reply. So…it’s like she’s talking to herself…publicly…but that’s what makes the posts that much more interesting!

Zainab is living in Bahain and will be posting on her adventures across the UAE and Europe. She too has been Down Under, but only when the cockroaches are gone and the spider head count is at bay. Her writing style is very uh…different.

You have two odd women telling you about living overseas and their weirdness is what makes this website different from the rest. It’s two people from two different places coming together for the common goal of ensuring fellow travelers have a humorous and informative guide to travelling.

So feel free to check out their posts and pages and let them know if there is anything YOU would like to know! Bahja has also lived in London (Zainab too) and Tokyo so whether you are new to travelling, or  a seasoned plane-junkie looking for a friend, feel free to reach out!

And if you have any Australian adventures you would like to see let me know!