Meet the authors

Get to know the writers behind the perilous journeys of uncoordinated travelers! Don't worry...we live at the end.

Bahja Norwood


Hi I’m Bahja, the lovely narrator and writer of these stories that I hope you’ve been enjoying for the beginning fo this lovely website. I’m an American that simply refused the idea of staying home for college, and hopped on a plane to London to study Journalism.

Boring right? Okay, how about my moving to Japan without knowing a lick of the language? Still boring? Darn I’ll try harder to be more interesting yeah?

Right…why I’m doing this…

Well I like telling stories, and everyone has a different version of a country when they visit. Of course I try to keep my version sprinkled with practicality because no one likes those people who post only dream vacations without telling us regular folk how to do the same.

I probably should I have told you about myself before, but I’m shy and I prefer eating over plastering my face and name everywhere.

Well that covers my 30 seconds of fame and obligatory WHO AM I post…erm…page…


If you want the buisiness me…the Braggy one…my business page is here. But when I’m travelling I’m just a fry in a seagull’s mouth…


Zainab Albalooshi


I suppose I should start with the basics. Let’s see… I’m a twenty-something year old female (although often mistaken for a male), born and raised in Bahrain (otherwise unknown to many and hard to locate on a map due to it being a teeny tiny desert island in the middle of the GCC), recently graduated from a university in London with a degree in international journalism and media.

Some details: I read, write, eat more than I should, and travel. When I’m not doing any of that I’m taking pictures of my dog, who is a fabulous fluff ball that is worthy of my phone storage. I am also massively into fantasy, particularly Tolkien’s, as well as fairytales and ancient civilisations and pagan religions. I change my hair quite a lot and have recently gotten into dying it strange colours, which can be tiring because 1) I’m still living in a generally conservative society that normally frowns upon such ‘expressions’ and 2) maintenance.

So far I’ve lived in two countries besides my own, one is Abu Dhabi and the other is London where I got my degree, and in both places I got to meet and befriend so many wonderful people from nearly all corners of the world that not only share my love of travel but encourage its growth. I have been to many places since, most often to visit those friends, and I hope to see many more places in the future- and I suppose that’s where this introduction part ends, with my objective: to share the experience.

Or just post random pictures of the pup being his cute, fluffy self. Whichever comes first.

Tenn’ enomentielva, darlings.