Living in Sydney

Many of us like to visit different cities for tourism and experience, but what if you want to live in a new city? It’s a different feel and a different vibe; money and lifestyle may appear different than what you’d see if you were visiting for two weeks rather than two years. So what should you know?

I’ve got how-to’s and new activity posts that will be here for you either as along-term visitor or newbie in the city. It’s advice for the new kid so they don’t get shoved in the metaphoric locker that is being new in town.

Getting around Sydney

Grocery shopping in Sydney

Appeasing the ‘tourist’ in you

Bugs in Sydney

Check back here for more links to living in Sydney. They will be blog posts so if you subscribe (because you love my writing so much) you’ll get a notification when it’s ready.

And good luck on the move! I…I struggled when I first got here, hence the help…