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Chinese Garden of Friendship [a walk through]

Ever been to China? I haven't yet but in Sydney you can get a taste of Chinese culture and tradition before you hop on a plane!

Sydney is pretty cool and beautiful in its own right, but with a large Chinese population you’d expect to find little pockets of Chinese culture hiding away in this sprawling, and constantly expanding, mess of a city.

Head to Chinatown, essentially a small road of Chinese shops and restaurants, and nearby is one of the most beautiful and tranquil spots I’ve found within the CBD since coming here: the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Walled off and secluded from the streets and busy eye, the gardens are surrounded by modern buildings and construction cranes and I didn’t even know about it until I checked Google Maps and found it on accident.

That seems to be the way I find a lot of these cool spots in Sydney…

It costs $6 entry for adults, unless you’re like me and are a student you’d only pay $3. It’s definitely worth the cost and you can spend a considerable amount of time here. It’s large as well.

There are several sections that you can walk through which includes a small waterfall, a tea garden, and a Buddhist temple. We even saw some monks leaving prayer! They wore beanies because it was cold and totally respected that!

I definitely recommend you take the time to come in for some tea time! It’s a great time to relax if you’re just visiting the city, and the gardens close at 5.30 p.m. meaning you could potentially stop in for tea and do some work among the coy-fish!

By the way, the temple is Instagram heaven, but it’s more importantly an example of amazing Chinese architecture that’s been scaled to fit into Sydney. I still want to go to China to see the larger and older ones though! *fingers crossed for a China visit*

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This was part of my day adventure with my friend before we headed off to VIVID Sydney in the night which was a separate post in its own right. The day was just as amazing as the night!

Stay tuned for more!

No filter…just my new DSLR at work!


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