Dark night with VIVID lights 

Biggest light show on earth? Sure! Take a look into the coolest glow-in-the-dark experience on the Southern Hemisphere!

Planning another series of posts about my time in Brisbane, but right now I have to tell you about one of THEE largest light shows in the world, VIVID Sydney.

Oooooh! IT GLOWS!

Beginning in 2009 it has grown to be a hub of colourful lights, music, and artistic ideas that spans for 23 days. This year, if you’re in Sydney, it spans from 26 May until 17 June.  The even spans across different areas of Sydney, and not just within the Central Business District (CBD), such as Circular Quay (home to the Sydney Opera House), The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Martin Place, the Botanic Gardens, and Chatswood.

I’m also a volunteer for them this year and it’s been a fun and painfully cold experience. Try smiling for five hours in the cold because it’s winter here!

Can you find me? I’m wearing pink!

A sucker for tourism

Now, I may be a volunteer but I still like a good tourist attraction and this one is major. On Wednesday I nabbed a good friend of mines and we toured Darling Harbour, rode a ferry (my friend hadn’t rode one in years despite living in Sydney), and finally heading to the VIVID light show to see the things I’ve been working to protect and help others enjoy. I also had a glow in the dark doughnut. I ALSO had the joy of using my new DSLR Canon camera to take some amazing shots of VIVID. I didn’t have a tripod though so bear with me if some of the night shots are a little blurry.

Darling Harbour

Starting the afternoon with a brief trip to Darling Harbour we walked the path and sat and enjoyed the sunset for a moment before we headed to Circular Quay. We saw the staff preparing for VIVID and made friends with some local seagulls.

A ferry of a ride

In order to catch the beginning of VIVID we had to take a ferry from Pymont to Circular Quay which not only gave my friend her first ferry ride in seven years, but it also gave us a chance to take wonderful pictures of the sunset and the city from the water which always proves to be amazing. I strongly recommend you take the ferry from one end of the Harbour to the other because it is an amazing experience that not many cities in the world (that you may visit) can offer so readily!

A VIVID memory

Now for the main, and most painfully entertaining part of the day: VIVID Sydney.

The event takes place in the Australian winter so that the the sun dims sooner and the light show can begin at a decent hour so it was a bit chilly. Bundle up in a couple layers when you go since the event takes place by the harbour hot spots I mentioned above.  I went to the Circular Quay, Botanic Gardens, and Martin Place areas. I recommend you start at Martin Place so that you can try some glow-in-the-dark doughnuts.

I’m not kidding…it glows…

It was a bit underwhelming…the taste….not gonna lie, BUT how many people get to say that they’ve had a glowing doughnut under a black-light? Wear clean clothes or else your friends will know what is really on your shirt though!

Next head down to Circular Quay for a main show. There is a Canon photographer there near the water’s edge that will take your picture with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge for free! I made my friend do both with me because I’m that tourist…

Then we walked around a bit and took more photos. Gave me a great chance to test out my new camera, and figure out how much I need a tripod for my night adventures next time! I really got some amazing shots in the Botanic Gardens. Although it was dark out I really had the chance to get some awesome light pictures! I made a slide show of the  Kiwi exhibit because they were too cute, and then below is a slide show of the other night shots from the Botanic Gardens Walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I strongly recommend you give this walk a go! I’ll try and head out to The Rocks next time, and if you are in Sydney for VIVID keep an eye out for my pink-jacket brethren volunteering to make sure you have a great time!

Zainab is planning a trip to London soon, but I’ve got stories to bring until she returns!


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