The Scottish Mile

We nearly died...twice...BUT WE LIVED! Had we not survived you wouldn't have never known what we did.

It was a long and perilous journey…but we survived! After fighting against my fear of flying and Zainab’s intolerance to the cold…and both of our weak hearts and bodies from lack of exercise we left Scotland with so many wonderful memories and friends.

We met an aspiring photographer emo teen who compared life on the island to that of a cult (though I suspect that was just his darkened soul taking root of the conversation), and a lovely host at our accommodation who kept us fed and warm even after we did foolish things like walking without a map, or hiking in the winter on a dreary day. All those moments made our time there that much more special.

So do take a trip to the Isle of Arran, and go find your own adventure! We hope you enjoyed our Scottish month, and stay tuned for more adventures  this Friday, where I talk about the ferry ride I took to prison in Sydney!

**Also WE FOUND SOME OF THE PICTURES FOR THE OTHER POSTS! Be sure to check out our king’s cave post if you haven’t already! (It’s linked above in reference to the hiking.)

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