Fit for a King [a cave]

Caves and bad weather oh my! what did this mean for the brave adventurers who nearly froze to death in Scotland?

We went to Scotland in March and boy did we pay for it. Sporadic weather, unpredictable situations, and a cold that nearly killed me as we went up a small mountain. However we got to see some breathtaking views as we went to King’s Cave, a historical landmark and a highly recommend spot for history buffs and nature-lovers alike.

You take the bus to Blackwarterfoot (or drive and park your car there), and immediately you are greeted with breathtaking views and Instagram-worthy selfies and shots.

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Next you decide on whether you want to begin your walk either from the right or the left. I strongly recommend the right because it is more forgiving towards those less fit. The walk itself was beautiful full of nature, small rivenes, and horse poop. Yeah, watch your step while you’re walking because horseback riding is a thing and we all know what horses do while walking.

From the photos you can see it wasn’t exactly the best weather to go walking near a cliff, but being tourists, and determined broke college students at that, we soldiered on. It was cold and rainy and we swore we saw it snow for a bit! This all happened in a matter of three hours. I’m from Chicago and even I was struggling with the bipolarity of this weather.

However it was Zainab who was officially done with the day. She’d been soured by not only the cold weather, but the fact that we couldn’t see all the historical places on the walk she wanted to visit because of that weather.

But she was cold too because she’s from the desert lands and they don’t do cold…

We hiked up the trail and I was taking all the pictures (which I cannot find for the life of me I AM SO SORRY!) while let Zainab cool off…hehe…cool off. I felt like I’d stepped into another world. Just 45 minutes away from Whiting Bay and I was in the nature able to smell it and…almost step in it (damned horses). We got to the top of the cliff after I nearly twisted my ankle twice because I wasn’t in the physical shape I am now in my Aussie trips, and we had to walk down a muddied and somewhat dangerous hill to get to the actual cave.

And then…this happened…

You see that monstrosity there? It was coming for us…the tired and half dead American and Bahraini were about to do head to head with nature’s finest.

We weren’t ready.

I suggested to Zainab that we abandon the trip because a) I would have died from slipping in the mud, and b) that cloud of doom though…

So unfortunately we turned back and ran into the trees for safety. As soon as we got back to the parking area the storm had come and gone, and Zainab was more furious than ever. I made the right call though, because then it began to snow and get colder and darker. We had another HOUR before the bus would come. It looked like the opening to a cannibal scene as we shiver and wimper in the cold. Well Zainab made it colder with her icy rage but she didn’t kill me and that’s all that mattered hehe.

So lesson for ourselves and future travelers alike: NEVER go hiking in bad weather with a doom-ish looking cloud coming over the horizon. And next time, rent a car to the Isle of Arran.

See you all on Monday!



**This post was updated on 22 May 2017 to add in pictures that were previously missing.


    1. Thank you! I like the niche expertise you’re offering on your site about travelling and living in India. Looking forward to reading more posts from you!


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