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A Kilt of a Tale

From down under and the Desert lands comes the story of a Bahraini and an American in Scotland in the Spring. Stay tuned for this six-part series that is both near-death and heaps fun!

We’re back! We’re alive! We’re…truly sorry for our absence. We can’t begin to stress enough how apologetic we are for not posting in awhile, but we have a story to tell.

Earlier back we talked about doing a month in Scotland (well a month’s worth of stories about us being in Scotland), and with the rush of work and school slowing down we are pleased to say that the month of Scottish tales has arrived!

For the next few weeks we will be sharing our weekend on the Isle of Arran, a small island off the coast near Ardrossan that houses 2,000 incredibly friendly locals, acres of amazing views, and hysterical mishaps that we endured on our four day holiday. Trust me…four days…felt like a month.

Check out the first post written by Zainab, and our posts will alternate over the coming weeks between her and I. Check the drop down menu weekly, or subscribe to our site, for the latest posts!

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