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North Sydney [journey to]

Tired of the CBD? Yeah me too sometimes. Head up to North Sydney for a fresh take on a familiar city.

After I walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge I decided to continue being a tourist for the day and explore the mysterious area opposite Sydney Harbour. It wasn’t really mysterious but it was a new place I hadn’t properly explored.

What’s in North Sydney?

Shops, walks and nature awaited me when I finished my lunch under the Macquarie Park train station. My trip was not coordinated; all I had was Google Maps and a large amount of credit on my Opal card. I looked at the map to find green walking areas like the ones below that were close enough for me to get to with the remaining daylight hour I had left. Below is a close-up of the area that I took the bus to from the train station. It’s about a 30 minute ride and after was bridge walk it provided a great chance for a quick nap. I didn’t know it yet but that nap was going to save me exhaustion from what I did next

Mosman has some great walking trails and shops. I found a second half of the Sydney Harbour National Park and walked Chowder Bay road to Middle Head. The road walk takes about 40 minutes and that includes time for pictures. Be sure to stop on the sides of the road to get some awesome shore shots!

There is also Headland Park, and that is what I explored just before I got onto walking the road. It is a historical site, and has a nice cafe to eat and rest in before you head off.

Before any of that…before you get to Headland Park you have to walk Middle Head road and take the scenic route to get to the Headland Park mark on the map.

On the way you will stop and see Georges Head, and Chowder Bay. I hadn’t realised it until I got home and read more of the tour information I grabbed from the visitor centre before crossing the bridge.

Georges Head:

The cool hike path to Chowder Bay:

Chowder Bay

Seriously head to the visitor centre in The Rocks before heading onto the bridge. They have great tour and mapping information, and it’s free!

What was at this section of the national park?

While the main section had the cycling and excellent picnic sites, this section has another major historical site that houses the Middle Head forts. The walk to the forts is best experienced via the Gubba Gubba trail; you’ll find some more forts along that way. They’re pretty spooky…as a writer my mind began to wander. That, and something moved in the shadows and I never saw what it was. I was alone…

When you exit the trail you will see the forts in the distance. Make your way over and explore to your heart’s content. It’s free and you only have to make sure you have sunscreen and daylight.

I do have one warning though: Plan ahead to catch the bus ride home. Trust me by the time you have done all of this you will be dead tired. The bus picks you up right at the exit of Middle Head’s parking lot, but it only comes once every hour. I laid out on the grass and napped.

Is there anything else?

NUDE BEACHES ARE THERE!! I’m sorry but I needed to tell you that. Definitely check it out if you have a chance or come back with your friends. I’ve never gone to one, but I am definitely going to try and ‘beach’ at one!

The walks today are not intense, except for the bits around Georges Head and Chowder Bay if you aren’t wearing the proper shoes. Wear sunscreen and reapply every 45 minutes because there is no shade…EVER. You may even get a nice golden tan like I did.

’til next time! The next day I went to Cockatoo Island so keep an eye out for that soon!

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