Sydney Bridge [touring the]

When you get to Sydney there are things you have to see: The Opera House, a giant spider, the national parks, the ANZAC memorial, the various harbours, another giant spider, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The list could go one depending on how  you tourist…

The Sydney Bridge is actually really interesting. It’s more than just a bridge, it’s a hallmark of Australian Engineering and teamwork holding significant historical purpose in creating a more effective way of commuting goods and people across the harbour.

The walk across the bridge takes about 45 minutes if you want to go into the lookout, which I strongly recommend) and be able to take gorgeous pictures like the cover photo and see all four sides of the bridge from a bird’s eye view for only $15 ($10 for students; less than that for children). There is also a small museum within the lookout where you can learn about the creation and planning of the bridge, that was surprisingly a struggle to erect. Getting into the lookout requires some stamina, as the trek is 200 stairs with multiple rest spots in between. As you go up each level there are information booths and facts on the workers and planners of the bridge.

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How do I get there?

Getting to the bridge is easy; finding your way up can be tricky. Take the train to Circular Quay and make your way to The Rocks. There should be a visitor centre there that can give you a map and details on how to make your way to the bridge. There are also signs direction you to the bridge.

While the bridge itself is massive and you can see it from every angle being able to safely walk on it requires you to enter from the Harbour Bridge entrance way. You will find about five flights of stairs to climb but you will then find yourself walking on the bridge.

The bridge itself is very interesting and the walk was different than what I expected it to be. Contrary to the London Tower Bridge the Habour Bridge has a more industrialist feel to it, and the walkway has fence and barbed-wire on the top. It’s hard to ignore when you’re trying to take pictures because the fence gets in the way of tourist shots of the Opera House. It also makes you feel a bit like you’re in a prison walk (based on OITNB).


Get to the top of the lookout!

I cannot stress enough that you should go to the top of the lookout. It’s cheaper than the expensive Sydney Bridge Climb especially if you’re a young backpacker, and you can spend as much time as you like up there getting your glamour shots of the entire harbour. It was definitely worth the $10!


Did you go home afterwards? It’s a bridge…

Of course I didn’t just walk across the bridge and then say ‘Yep time to go home’. No I walked across that bridge and entered North Sydney; that was an adventure worthy of a second blog post.

Coming soon…

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