New countries

A new author is coming…

Like winter, all things change at the start of a new season. Please welcome new editor and contributor, Zainab Albalooshi

Being trapped down-under (not trapped per-se but Sydney is expensive) I’ve decided to enlist the help of my international writers to contribute more content to the site to give you, the readers, more information on abroad destinations, what to expect, and how to get around there.

This is Zainab Albalooshi from Bahrain. She is just as crazy and adventurous as I am, and she also somehow manages to get into precarious situations just as much as I do.

But hey, that’s why we are best friends.

In her dossier will include posts about living and travelling in the UAE, and her frequent trips across the globe to destinations across Africa and Europe. With a background in Journalism you can rest assured that her work will be just as good as mine (I hope you think it’s good!) and we hope you appreciate the content we are trying to add to the site.

Now I, Bahja, will still be posting on living and traveling in Australia and New Zealand so don’t worry I’m not going anywhere!

Stay tuned for the next near-death post coming Tuesday morning!


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