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Hornsby Adventure [near-death intro] 

Decided to take another hike today up in the nature and quiet town of Hornsby, which is north of Sydney. Of course things didn’t go as planned; my trail goal was changed due to construction, and the substituted track I took revealed how ill-prepared I was for the track I did take. Hence my “near-death” experience. Haven’t had one in awhile so I was about due!

The trail I was trying to get onto was the Blue Gum Walk, a moderate grade trail suitable for a quick yet challenging walk. However due to construction I stumbled upon the Great Northern Walk which houses the Heritage stairs. Don’t mistake this trail with the Great North Walk In Berowa National Park. That trail is intense and dangerous and. It suited for beginners or children. 

Believe me by the time I realised what I had gotten myself into it was too late to turn back, I was too stubborn to not continue with the walk. 

The track itself isn’t too long, about 45 minutes and that includes the stairs, but what made the hike interesting was my roundabout way of getting to the bottom of the heritage stairs in Roasemead Park. I was able to see the beautiful neighbourhood hiding near Hornsby Station, while trying to not trip over myself as I walked down the steepest incline of my life.

For 25 minutes….I used a part of my butt I didn’t know I even had to not die.
The pictures don’t really do the incline justice, mainly because these views were just so much better.

The trail did offer great views of the trees. Once again nearly dying from an unnecessary amount of stairs was worth it.

There are also a few secret shortcuts on this trail. I was disappointed with the length, so I did some “exploring”. If you’re reading this and you play video games, you can appreciate the novelty I had of walking down wooded paths not knowing where they lead.

Had a Skyrim moment…it was nice…


Getting there

To get Hornsby, hop on the T1 northern line towards Berowa from Central station (hiking tour from there coming soon). From there you can follow the main road and follow local advice to get to Rosemead Park.

Directions to the part two of Hornsby adventure coming soon. 

Part One?

Since I lucked out on the major trail today I’m going back soon to walk on the another trail which will be longer longer and more of a proper hiking hike. In the mean time follow that link to plan your own trip if you’re interested!

Stay Tuned! And keep an eye out for another near-death hike this weekend! Another Waterfall grounds adventure.

As always remember to pack ample water and sunscreen. If at all possible have an emergency contact and travel with a friend. Unless you’re like me and you prefer to go alone…just have a backup plan.


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