Sydney Harbour National Park [a quick trip to]

Saturday morning, 9 a.m. I woke up expecting to go on a quiet and calm walk through this little gem of a national park and get my hike on.

The park closed at 2.30 p.m. and it takes me an hour and a half to get there. So I managed to shower, dress, eat, comb, and pack in half an hour.

The Sydney Harbour National Park is a ferry ride away from Circcular Quay station (to Manly Warf) followed by an optional bus ride to the park. I missed the bus, so guess who had a 20 minute uphill walk? In all fairness it was a pleasant walk and I recommend that you do it so you can see the views along the way without bus window interfereing with your pictures.


Because I lacked the bus ride I had to walk my way to and through the national park to find my way. It was an impromptu trip; I had no plan other than to get some great pictures and have a picnic. I wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful and relaxing because although the Royal National Park is gorgeous there is too much nature for me to sit and relax and eat in my opinion.

Also, this park is a great place to safely view the giant web spiders you hear about on the internet. They even build webs across the trees so it makes them appear as if they are floating mid-air.

The park isn’t too big so you can expect to explore it properly in less than a day and is walkable as well as cycle-friendly. I plan on going back to rent a bike and have at it!

When you get to Q-Station keep walking the main road to get to this gorgeous picnic spot.

After that follow the road more into the roundabout to get to the Fairfax Lookout that’s on the Fairfax trail. There’s more great views of the coast and ocean, and an actual lookout you can stand in!


As always be sure to wear ample sunscreen and bring sun protection. There is literally no shade anywhere in this park as far as walking goes.

More trips coming soon!

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