Bondi to Coogee [walking from]

Where have you been?

I’m so sorry for the gap in my posts, I’ve been on numerous adventures and here in Australia the internet is NOT the most reliable thing out here, and so I’ve been hoarding stories to share so that when I get a free moment at my house (with reliable-ish internet) I may get a chance to write about what I’ve been up to.

But I’m here now! So I’ll start off with my most recent adventure that you too can do free of any entry fees: the Bondi to Coogee Beach walk!



What’s that?

The Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach walk is a moderately easy and safe walk that the whole family can enjoy, without the asthmatic experiences that can come from a more intense walk in the Royal National Park. It takes about 2 hours to complete, that includes photograph time because you WILL want pictures (or else it never happened right?), and you can start either from Coogee Beach and walk to Bondi Beach or vice versa. I will say that if you are not in the best of shape it may be wise to start from Coogee Beach since more of the walk will be downhill. There are a lot of stairs on this walk, so wear comfortable shoes, sun protective clothing, and sunscreen…lots of sunscreen!

We started the walk from Bondi Beach and made our way past three beaches before finally arriving at Coogee Beach.

So what was it like and what can I expect from this walk?

As I said earlier the walk itself was fairly simple. However as with any tourist walk taking pictures will take longer than the actual walk so plan ahead and take sunscreen. You will get burned if you don’t heed this warning!

The whole walk itself is on a clearly marked pathway, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost or fighting off wild animals while you take in the breathtaking views. There are a few nooks that may appear to be part of the path, however they are different segments entirely, but on a nice day the large number of people you will most likely be sharing the walk with can help you from getting lost.

And you’ll be walking by various beaches so pack a swimsuit and take a dip in between your walking to cool off and earn your bragging rights from having swam in 5 beaches in one day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While you’re walking, be on the lookout for little gems of sea life and beautiful views that can only be found with a little patience and curiosity. For example I found a lovely spot for great pictures and found an army of little sea shells (or crabs…I’m not sure) that would have gone unnoticed had I not wandered over the rock edge where all the seagulls were resting.

At the beginning of the walk there is a lovely stone wall and path for pictures. You know…the new profile picture you’ll have that will make all your friends jealous? Try a pose on the left, and one on the right to find the best angle.

Finally, remember to take panorama shots of the sea-line (yes I made that up). This walk is a photographer’s dream. Even the cemetery was worth a few snaps; ok I know it’s a cemetery, but it is truly beautiful!

After out walk we stopped by the oldest chippee in Coogee to have some fish and chips! It’s called JP McCaffrey’s, and it’s reasonably priced and well good food! I recommend the mini haddock and chips, because the regular one is HUGE!


It’s the perfect time of the year to indulge in a little summer walking fun if you’re on a tight budget but still wish to see all the Sydney can offer, and this walk is definitely on the list of must-sees! But if you are a long-term guest to the city it is also a good chance to get some fresh air, some nice pictures, a quick swim, and maybe a little exercise! After all, with bad internet all you can really do is go outside and play!

How do I get there?

I live out in the suburbs so my way of getting there may differ from yours, but your best bet to get to Bondi Beach is to take the T4 line from Central Station heading towards Bondi Junction. From there you can take the 383, 381, or 333 bus to Bondi Beach. The walk starts from the Bondi Icebergs Club. See map below for a brief overview of what the walk will look like:

As always exercise caution during your outdoor adventures, and since it’s December 25 here in Sydney I want to wish you a very merry holiday! And stay tuned for more posts and adventures! I promise to do better posting by the new year!

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