Manly beach [a quick trip to]

Today I finally got my foot in the ocean water. Okay it was more like a leg to upper thigh but I still ended up getting my clothes wet so there.

Manly beach, home of the (and I say with a cringe) Budgie Smuggler. It was literally the first thing I was told when I arrived. In case you’re wondering it’s like a bikini bottom for men and large undies for women. It’s traumatising on the first sight mixed with dad bods walking the beach, but hey, it’s a beach I’m not judging.

It was a spur of the moment type of adventure. I didn’t plan on it I just saw the weather and said “yep, LEGGO!”

The beach is best reached by (ferry) and is a tap-once ride that costs $7.95 at most. If you catch the train and then the ferry you get a $2.00 discount off the ferry.

I went with my friend who I shared a hiking trip with, and we walked the area taking great photos. Before she arrived to meet me I had the BEST frozen yoghurt in my life; and it was cheap. Self-serve with toppings for $6.00! In the US that would have cost me $16.00 but here it’s a staple so it’s cheap.

Now when I said I got my pants wet I wasn’t joking. I hadn’t planned on getting near the water I just wanted to see it first. My friend talked me into stepping in deep enough to get my legs wet.

Then a wave happened…

My first wave yay!

Yes yay…soaked pants. I regret nothing!

After my friend had a quick dip we decided to walk a little more and explored a little cove off the beach and restaurants that had beautiful turkeys and trees.

It was 5pm by the time we returned to the harbour. Had some more ice cream and hopped on the ferry home.

It was a great day and I’m glad I got in the water. Next time I’ll be swimming!

Beach smarts

If you do decide to go to the beach be sure to bring ample sunscreen and towels. Wear flip flops (thongs) and bring a sun hat. They have showers there for you to wash off the salt water, but do bathe when you get home!

As always check the weather and UV warnings, and (plan your journey) accordingly.

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