Purikura anyone?

So at the moment I’m focusing my excursions and travel advice on Australia, but I did at one point fiddle with some travelling in Japan as well! And while I was there I blogged too. That story includes an overnight stay in Akihabara in an internet cafe, a snowboarding trip, and lots of food.

It’s food guys…FOOD!

A few more things before I send you over there though:

This was written in 2014

Don’t start throwing popcorn at your screen in rage over the writing style and the fact that it’s in Blogger. The writing has improved over the years since then, it’s the stories that count right? I imported the blog into WordPress to make it more accessible for you to read the posts. Unless you want to see the original…I…it was bad…

There are A LOT of pictures

It might as well have been a picture book given all the photos of Japan you’ll find there. Of course within those photos are sprinkles of text that help to elaborate on what’s going on.

Living in Japan was harder than it looked

During my stay there I was a student at Temple University Japan…which is more intense than their home branch in the United States. Although the posts were less frequent and less in-depth, the overall intentions of the writing were sincere, and the times I weren’t studying I was working on blog posts in between travel adventures.


Alright I think that covers the warnings. I’ll leave the link below so you guys can check out some of my adventures in Japan! I’ve also got some pictures of that trip as well. But do come back here though…it’s where I live now and…you know…better writing.

Onwards to Japan!

(remember to come back!)

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