Living in Sydney


I'm a pretty low-maintenance person when it comes to hair care, and so when I moved to Australia the last thing I was concerned with was my appearances. That was until I realised I had a real struggle on my hands!

I’m a pretty low-maintenance person when it comes to hair care, and so when I moved to Australia the last thing I was concerned with was my appearances. I didn’t care how ‘fluffy’ my hair looked; I just wanted to survive the 23-hour plane ride and understand what my professors expected of me at school. Because of that, my hair quality sort of went on the decline while I tried to salvage my grades…which were ALSO declining.

Well…I’ll get to that…

So mid-semester happens, and I was finally able to get some fresh air, think about what a beautiful city I live in, and my HAIR!

 I began to notice people staring at me like I was an alien species and realized that I was now living in a place where everyone pretty much has the same hair type: straight. My hair, rather than get greasy and oily, gets dry and poofy the less it’s done; it gets really curly and hard to comb through.

Of course that hadn’t stopped me from rocking the fluff with many compliments from other people who want volume in their hair!

 But admirers aside I personally wanted my hair flatter because it helps me maintain my low-maintenance agenda. So I began to search up hair salons that could handle black hair. It’s different from the hair seen on shampoo ads because it is very VERY thick, and regular styling just won’t cut it.

It was then that I realised that I was a hair-minority within a majority Garnier nation…things were not looking good. 

Womp womp! What did you do?

I called a few salons to ask if they could handle my hair…they said no.

 So I checked a Black hair care blog that discussed the hair situation in Australia, and much to my horror I learned that there are not too many reliable places for black hair care down under. I’m an anxious person when it comes to others doing things to my hair or mouth…so I was starting to lose hope.

 And then…the heavenly rays of a more intense Google Search revealed to me my hair savior: Esstudio Galleria.

 Founded by South American (Aussie Native) Alecs, his salon has a non-traditional layout, and his stylists can also handle…non-traditional hair. They were so friendly as they slowly de-fluffed my hair, and washed it for me. I got a simple wash and blow-dry; I didn’t feel like trying to ask for a perm (plus Oz is expensive!).

 It took a couple hours to get it done, but the before and after had both the stylists and myself fan-girling over my head:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve never been so happy! Plus, the overall style and atmosphere of the salon fit me perfectly. It had that Victorian-Gothic look meets vintage house style. There was even a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a giant table to sit at to get your hair done instead of the typical salon chair that leaves your butt sore. I’ve flown on a lot of long flights…my butt couldn’t take anymore uncomfortable seats!

 It’s just off the main road in Sydney, and the sleepy guard dog provided both companionship and protection…as long as you fed him!  I conclude am also pleased to say that I returned to the salon on Friday to get my hair done before a big interview, and it was definitely worth $80. I’ve got a knowledgeable stylist, a great atmosphere, and lovely staff who know what they’re doing and enjoy their jobs.

But that humidity though…

Yes yes I know it was hot last week and yes my hair fuzzed up a little but I’m still able to comb it so I’m not complaining!

It was also nice being admired for having fluffy hair instead of being criticized for it. But that’s another post for another time. But in the meantime…I’ve got some stories to tell…

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