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Christmas at Martins Place [A quick trip to]

Writing this based on an impromptu invite to go with my friend to Martins Place to kick off Sydney's holiday season with a Christmas festival.

Had an impromptu invite to go with my friend to Martins Place to kick off Sydney’s holiday season with a Christmas festival today. Unbeknownst to my friend and I was that the festival initially begins with singers for aimed at children, and for ten minutes we stood in horror as the first act sang about watermelons and being a dinosaur.


What is this festival?

The annual Christmas concert and Tree Lighting festival is a family-friendly event aimed at the young and old to kick off the holiday season in Sydney. Today it ran from 6.30 to 8.30 and has many kid-themed (or nostalgic themes if you’re older) festivities including a visit from Santa, and Santa goodie-bags. There was also a LEGO sleigh…a LEGO-themed sleigh you guys! If it wasn’t full of children and scary parents, I’d have gone on it today. Thankfully it’s around for the holiday season so there is still time!

Oh okay cool! So what happened?

Any-who, after the initial children’s singers came more mature singers, followed by carolers and the lighting of the Christmas tree THEN FOLLOWED BY glorious fireworks in  the centre of the city. Yeah, it’s pretty intense. I’ve got some video of the tree and fireworks here:

You mentioned that there were children singers at first? What did you do while they sang?

Oh that in itself proved to be an adventure. After we discovered we’d sat in on the kiddie portion of the show, we decided to go for dinner. My friend had known of a pub with cheap food and so we headed there. Now on the way we had wandered into another pub on accident full of creepy old men. The place even looked shady! I’m usually not one to feel my gender pressures as a female but I felt so wrong being there; when we finally for to the correct pub it TOO was shady and creepy! We had walked in and one of the men had leaned to stare at us…the customers all stopped talking and sized up the Japanese man and American woman (who looks 15) that was my friend and I. Needless to say we left…and headed to Nandos. Salvation came in the form of a chicken pita with chips (fries) and a Sprite that as I am writing this just realised I never got! Oh boy, it’s okay I didn’t need it…paid for it though…oh well…

Wow okay, so how was the ‘adult’ part of the show?

They way you asked that…I must say it sounded creepy…but to answer your question it was amazing!

The tree…that is what I wanted to see, and to see it we stood next to a gentleman who hadn’t bathed in awhile and we were downwind of him. We held out breath as the tree lit up, and opposite the tree were the fireworks! I have to admit at first I was stone-faced and annoyed at being in a crowd of children and adults, but the moment the fireworks came I felt like a kid again. I stood in awe staring at the lights and the fireworks show. I had my phone in my hand so I could show you what I saw; but it looked better in person.

That’s beautiful! Did you go home after that?

Well actually there is one more bit you should know about Sydney…every weekend in the spring and summer there is a fireworks show on Saturday night at 9pm. Today just so happened to be Saturday. So I got a double dose of fireworks down at Darling Harbor! And now you get another dose too!

I got home a few hours ago and finally let all I’d done today sink in, and then got to work on writing a post to tell you about it.


If you’re ever in Sydney during Christmas it is a new type of celebration especially if you are from the Northern Hemisphere. Wearing flip-flops and shorts instead of down jackets really does give you a different holiday experience.

And if you are in Sydney during their Spring and Summer months (end of October to the middle of January) definitely pop down to Darling Harbor for dinner and a fireworks show!

Stay tuned for more adventures and posts soon. As I said this one was unscheduled, but so far I’ve got two posts coming out this week.

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