Australian Museum’s Spiders: Alive & Deadly exhibit

Arachnophobia is so common that it serves as not only a great source of film ideas, but also nightmare fuel! I too share this fear of spiders, but I moved to Australia anyways, and the Australian Museum recently opened new exhibit on different spiders to educate people and dispel their fear of the eight-legged beasts.

The exhibit is open to all ages, and for the real spider-enthusiasts come by the exhibit at 10.30 am or 1.30 pm daily to watch a spider venom milking! Or if you’re truly scared of spiders you can read about my watching of the milking…you should still go see it though. I mean, I’m scared too~

I’ll leave some general notes on the exhibit here, and subscribe to my blog to be the first to read up on my new exhibit post.

Ticket prices

Adults: $22

Students/Concession: $15

Child: $13

**If you are an Australian Museum Member your ticket prices are halved. Open a new membership and your tickets will be free.

Getting there

Taking public transport can be tricky, so I’ve got some tips here to help you use the trains the buses without pulling your hair out.

If you are taking a bus you want to get to Hyde Park or Town Hall. From there it will be a 7 minute walk. Riding buses can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with Sydney so plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get there if you’re unsure.

The nearest train stops are St. Peters, Museum, and Town Hall. It’s a 7 minute walk from the station. If you’re new to riding the trains in Sydney check out my train travel advice page to help you.


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