Living in Sydney Tourism

Gettin’ round town

I’ll admit, when I moved to Sydney I was expecting a London-equivalent transport system that had stops and buses that went everywhere. However when I arrived I found that the transportation in Sydney was more in line with the transport in Chicago, and living in America. I wasn’t too excited.


Now I hardly took public transport in the States and for good reason: owning a car was more economical in some cases than taking the bus. There is also the convenience factor. As nice as the trains are in Sydney, their reach is limited; the buses have AC, but the layout of said bus is not equipped to handle large numbers of riders and they are hardly ever on time. Plus you never know which bus stop is yours unless you know specifically where you are going with the aid of Google Maps. But going in blind? You’re bound to miss your stop.


Okay, so aside from Uber what can I do?

Well you can read my little how-to pages on public transport (at least in Sydney) to give you an idea on what to expect. You can also read the story of my massive phone bill as I tried to ride the bus to school but needed google maps in order to do it!

Riding the Bus 


Taking the Train


Taking the Ferry


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