Bondi beach [A quick trip to] 

Today I went to Bondi Beach for the first time and thankfully it wasn’t that crowded which allowed for some awesome pictures! Beach-wise, it’s one of Sydney’s most popular beaches, and is a major tourist attraction. There are usually loads of people lying around when the sun is out.

After some hesitation and heavy convincing (city girl for the win) I took my shoes off and walked in the sand and for the first time had a renewed fear of Jellyfish. They’re cute until you are literally dodging them barefoot on the sand. I didn’t realise what they were until my friend pointed them out. I though they were balloons; I froze up with fear when she told me they were Blue Bottles: the bees of the ocean. They may not kill you, or try to hurt you, but their sting still hurts like hell.

Now the bluebottles are apparently different from jellyfish, and according to my Aussie friends the sting isn’t as bad and is least likely to require a hospital visit. However the stingers should still be avoided. You know…pain is a thing we avoid? Okay most  of us…

Jellyfish on the other hand…AVOID. My friend was poking them with her feet, but she’s a native and knows what she’s doing. As a visitor please don’t take the chance and fiddle with one or else you will need to go to the hospital. Don’t be that tourist; it’s bad enough the natives laugh at us for our foolery…

Lecturing aside, today was a ‘cool’ day by Aussie standards and so the masses of beach-goers was scarce; the Bondi area itself was scarce actually. In my opinion this is a great time to tour the beach for the first time to get familiar with the layout so that when you visit it again for a sunny and ocean-filled experience you don’t have to struggle through a sea of people to get those obligatory tourist shots.

Also, when going to the beach always bring and wear sunscreen, and bring sandals if you’re not sand-y enough to walk the entire beach barefoot. Sorry I said no more lecturing but remember Australia has no ozone protecting your skin.

Now then…about those pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Bondi! And stay turned for my visit to the Spiders Alive exhibit at the Australian Museum due out this week!

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