Near-death under

About two months ago I had the opportunity to go on a bush walk into the Blue Mountains with my friends for Spring break (by the way the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere so October is Spring). I found this nice, family-owned tour company called Barefoot Down Under that takes small groups of no more than 15 on tours through the Blue Mountains, and to the Figure 8 Pools.

The trip lasted about 10 hours, and included a chance to ride on the world’s steepest rail, and sky lines throughout the mountain area. For the first part of the journey, due to bad weather, we went to Lincoln’s Rock…no not Abe Lincoln but I did feel free!

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It was really windy and cold that day, so while everyone else felt brave enough to sit on the edge of that cliff I wasn’t mentally ready for the possibility for falling to my death!

After our Lincoln Rock visit we doubled back to hike down a trail to get to the bottom of a waterfall which proved to be both exciting and terrifying. Although there were rails to hold onto the entire way down, something I did not experience during my hike in Japan, it was a strenuous hike having to leap down the giant stone steps. And I was out of shape at the time! Check it out below!

Despite the pain, and my feeling like Lara Croft (which was AWESOME), the scenery was gorgeous and breathtaking:

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Once we made it down the mountain, we had to climb all the way back up. I didn’t have asthma, but I should have given the way my breathing turned to wheezing.

Me catching my breath at the bottom of Watoomba Falls

By this point I was half tired and we had two options: we could either go on another hike, or go on a Scenic World tour. My out-of-shapeness forced me to do the tour, but i wasn’t alone! My friends and I went on the world’s steepest rail ride and rode gondolas throughout the mountains! I was a little disappointed in the rail ride though because it only lasted a few minutes.


Sadly the rail ride lasted only 2 minutes
This is one of the original rail cars





The Didgeridoo was very difficult to play. It takes skilled breathing an lip movement to successfully get the correct sounds. However the sound it does make is like nothing you’d ever hear. It is so mesmerizing and it literally stops your mind from going any further than processing the sounds you hear. It was a great honor and privilege to be able to play one, because it is a male instrument. To own one is also expensive, with some priced ‘as low’ as $700 for an authentic one!

We look cool, but we failed miserably at playing it

So that concludes my first major adventure in Australia! It was filled with blood (heavy breathing), sweat (a LOT of sweat), and spit. Tears came when it was time to say goodbye to an amazing group of people I met along the way…except the two people above because those are my friends and you may see more of them later haha!

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